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Explore individual video interviews with Dr. Melissa King, Dr. Hermann Josef Genn, Dr. Jens Körner, and Dr. Heather O’Leary as they discuss the benefits of the BEMER Horse-Set and three new powerful BEMER equine research studies.

BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy Research in Equine Medicine – Presented at 2022 AAEP, San Antonio, TX

Dr. Melissa King, Dr. Hermann Josef Genn, and Dr. Jens Körner presented three new powerful BEMER Hose-Set equine research studies at the American Association of Equine Practitioners Trade Show and Convention in San Antonio, TX. The BEMER Horse-Set has been scientifically proven to improve back pain, stallion performance, and microcirculation under general anesthesia.

BEMER Equine Therapy Improves Microcirculation Under General Anesthesia

A standardized double-blind study with 100 horses was conducted over a period of 1 year. The study proved that the BEMER Horse-Set improved microcirculation under general anesthetic. 


  • Dr. Med. Vet. Stephan Leser, Head of Ophthalmology, Hanse Equine Hospital
  • Dr. Med. Vet. Oliver Brandenberger, Head of General Surgery, Hanse Equine Hospital

The BEMER Horse-Set Benefits Stallion Performance

A new study consisted of user observations of the BEMER Horse-set with 29 stallions over an 11-month period and documented the effects of BEMER Equine Therapy on horse breeding.


  • Dr. Hermann Josef Genn, FEI Veterinarian

  • Bart Kools: Inseminator at Schockemohle Breeding Station

Validating BEMER Equine Therapy With Research

Back pain is present in over 90% of the population of working horses. It’s a significant problem that can result in suboptimal performance, lost training days, behavioral issues, rider falls, substantial treatment expenses, and potential loss of career for the horse. Underlying causes are vast, hard to pinpoint, and often include poor saddle fit, weak abdominal muscles, hypertonic back muscles, lameness, and spinal problems. Back pain treatment can be extremely challenging and typically involves a multi-modality approach to resolve. The common goal in treating affected horses is to alleviate discomfort, muscle spasms, and stiffness associated with chronic back pain.*

PubMed: Effects of a Bio-Electromagnetic Energy Regulation Blanket on Thoracolumbar Epaxial Muscle Pain in Horses

Back pain and inflammation of the epaxial musculature is a significant problem in all equine athletes. Treatment of back pain can be challenging and often requires a multimodal approach. The BEMER blanket produced significant clinical and biomechanical effects in horses with back pain.*

Watch the BEMER Equine Educational Experience webinar above, featuring Dr. Melissa King, DVM, as she presents her research, “Effects of a Bio-Electromagnetic Energy Regulation Blanket on Thoracolumbar Epaxial Muscle Pain in Horses”. BEMER medical consultants Dr. Marlice Vonck, DVM and Dr. Joshua Berka engage in an informative panel discussion.

*Citation: King, M., Seabaugh, K., Frisbie, D. (2022). Effects of a Bio-Electromagnetic Energy Regulation Blanket on Thoracolumbar Epaxial Muscle Pain in Horses. Journal of Equine Veterinary Science. doi: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jevs.2022.103867

Palm Beach International Equestrian Center Educational Series.

If you have missed our “BEMER Horse-Set Research Findings: Benefits on General Anesthesia” webinar, you can watch the recording now.

This year, BEMER participated in the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center’s 2021 Educational Series. The BEMER Horse-Set is known throughout the equestrian industry for our revolutionary technology helping horses to recover and perform their best. In this webinar, we are happy to provide research findings on the benefits of the BEMER Horse – Set usage on horses that have undergone surgical procedures and are looking to return to competition top shape sooner than ever before.

Improve Your Horse’s Health Today!

Tiny vessels. Huge implications.

Microcirculation occurs in the smallest blood vessels, and can’t be observed with the naked eye. Nevertheless, it has a huge effect on the health and performance of your horse. Why? Because it’s here that your horse’s vital metabolic processes take place – cells are supplied with nutrients that enable them to fulfill their tasks- and so metabolic waste products may be removed for disposal. Put simply, healthy microcirculation is essential to your horse’s all-around well-being.

Initial situation

Reduced vasomotion, slow blood flow, virtually no transport of white blood cells, capillaries are not perfused.

Immediately after the BEMER therapy

Significantly increased vasomotion, rapid blood flow, virtually needs-based transport, increased transport of white blood cells.

Horse Recovery BEMER

Positive effects of the BEMER application

  • Reduces muscular back pain in horses* [1]
  • Improves functional movement in horses* [1]
  • Improves microcirculation and vasomotion [2]
  • Promotes relaxation and regeneration after exercise [2]
  • Supports parasympathetic processes in the body [2]
  • Increases physical performance and optimizes suppleness [2]
  • Speeds up the recovery process after an injury [3]
  • Improves post-recovery and regeneration after surgery [3]

What the experts are saying

“The BEMER Horse-Set is an integral tool that I use often in my practice. BEMER’s proven technology provides meaningful results for my clients and I have found it to be unrivaled in its ability to treat multiple problems that occur with the equine athlete.”

– Dr. Katarzyna Zukiewicz, Equine Veterinarian

Jenna Horne, EqDT

Equine Dentistry

Marlice Vonck, DVM

Holistic Veterinarian

Mireille Doffegnies, C.E.S.M.T.

Certified Holistic Equine Therapist & Bodyworker

Results may vary, and testimonials may not reflect the typical equine experience and are not intended to represent that every horse will achieve the same results. Testimonials are from BEMER Independent Distributors or customers and may not reflect the average person’s experience. IBDs may be eligible to earn commissions based on their sales. Dr. Zukiewicz is a compensated spokesperson for BEMER.

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[2.] Effects of BEMER physical vascular therapy in horses under training. A randomized, controlled double blind study. Francesca Daia, Emanuela Dalla Costaa, Alessia Giordanoa, c, Eugenio U.L. Heinzla,
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