Top-Ranked Pickleball Player

Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in America, and Tyson McGuffin is one of the top-ranked professional pickleball players at the forefront of this booming game. He holds many national titles including four-time Grand Slam Gold Medalist in Men’s Open Singles, 4x National Champion, and in 2018 claimed his first Grand Slam in Men’s Open Doubles at the Tournament of Champions. McGuffin has felt at home on the courts most of his life—prior to becoming a pickleball player, he played competitive tennis and now he is one of Professional Pickleball’s most accomplished and recognizable players.

Tyson currently travels the country on the Professional Pickleball tour and playing events sanctioned by the USA Pickleball Association, the sports’ governing body. When he is not competing professionally, he shares his passion for pickleball with others by teaching camps to more than a thousand people each year. McGuffin also serves as a USPTA, IPTPA, and PPR certified instructor for LevelUp Pickleball Camps.

“I’ve been using BEMER for years, and whether it’s working out in the gym, running a 6-hour camp, or playing an 8-hour tournament, I’ve seen a huge difference in my overall energy, vitality, and endurance. I feel like the improved local blood [flow] in my leg muscles allows me to be fresh the next day … plus I get better rest and I feel sharper in the morning.”

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About the Sport

A younger cousin to tennis and badminton, pickleball, is an easy to learn and “fun for the whole family” sport. But at the professional level, rules and equipment aren’t the only things pickleball shares with its relatives. The constant darting from side to side and explosive movements can place an immense amount of stress on the lower body, especially the ankles. Ankle, quadricep and hamstring strains can easily happen in the heat of a match. And Achilles tendonitis can develop over time from overuse. Not to mention, with tournaments lasting upwards of eight hours, players need to be in peak physical condition. That’s why professional pickleballers like Tyson McGuffin use BEMER. BEMER’s targeted PEMF technology improves local blood flow, flooding healthy muscles with oxygen, and boosting carbon dioxide removal. Healthier muscles mean better support for the lower body joints, improved recovery, enhanced muscular conditioning and performance, and more energy. For pickleball players, this translates to more time on the court and less time on the sidelines.

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