Mark Abma

Professional Freeskier With a Passion for the Outdoors

Hailing from Whistler, British Columbia, professional skier Mark Abma is no stranger to the spotlight. In his extreme freeskiing videos — several of which have earned Powder Video Awards — he can be seen tackling slopes and backcountry trails with an infectious smile. Mark got his start at an early age as a park skier and later moved on to backcountry skiing and heliskiing, a type of backcountry skiing reached by helicopter as opposed to ski lifts. He’s also been featured in more than a dozen extreme sports films, including 2013’s “Into the Mind” from Sherpas Cinema, 2012’s “Superheroes of Stoke” from Matchstick Productions, and 2009’s “Everyday is Saturday” from Poor Boyz Productions.

On and off the mountain, Mark is both humble and passionate about nature and the outdoors, leading a sustainable lifestyle and encouraging others to reduce their carbon footprint.

“BEMER has an incredible ability to stimulate my body prior to skiing, biking, working out, and also has a remarkable ability to recover my body. This means that I can ski, bike, and train harder and more frequently. As my life becomes busier in all aspects of life, I need my body and mind to be able to perform at its peak potential as often as possible. BEMER’s portability means that I can now travel and have the ability to recover after a long day of skiing and be ready to perform at my peak potential the next day.”

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About the Sport

The new school of extreme sports, Freeskiing, involves inverted tricks, massive jumps, and high-risk rail slides, box jumps, and other terrain park obstacles. As spectators watch fantastic athletes like Mark defy gravity, the freeskier is pushing their body to the limit. The sport requires superior cardiovascular fitness, strength, agility, and coordination. Glutes, quadriceps, and hamstrings are under constant pressure, and the low-oxygen air forces the heart and lungs to perform at optimal levels. Freeskiing is an intense, dynamic extreme sport that demands peak performance, superhuman conditioning, and focused recovery.

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