Rebecca Rusch

Endurance Pro Athlete & 7x World Champion

From mountain biking to cross-country skiing and whitewater rafting to rock climbing, adventure & endurance athlete Rebecca Rusch has done it all. Born in Puerto Rico and now residing in Idaho, Rebecca is also an author, Emmy award winner, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker.

With numerous championship titles under her belt — including seven World Championship titles across multiple categories — Rebecca remains active to this day as she spreads the word about some of her most important life lessons through her activism and speaking engagements. The proud daughter of a US Air Force F-4 Pilot who served in the Vietnam War, her nonprofit (the Be Good Foundation) is dedicated to honoring her father as well as creating opportunities for outdoor exploration and humanitarian services.

“The sports that I specialize in are multi-day, ultra-endurance events. I train all the time and recovery is an important part of how I keep going. Circulation is key in recovery and the technology of BEMER is amazing in that aspect. I really love the simplicity of BEMER. It is an easy way to promote recovery anywhere at any time which has been incredibly useful when my expeditions require me to travel. Thank you BEMER, for improving my circulation, recovery, and overall lifestyle.

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About the Sport

As a 7x world champion and endurance professional athlete, Rebecca puts her body through the trenches. Cyclists and endurance athletes like Rebecca push the boundaries of human performance almost every day. And when she’s not winning medals or setting records, Rebecca’s striving to enhance performance, increase strength, and recover faster than the competition.

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